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Plant Lighting translates scientific knowledge into practice

Greenhouse horticulture and plant breeding companies are highly innovative. However, valuable plant physiological knowledge remains unused. A wealth of possibilities is available for more efficient crop production, energy savings and phenotyping. Plant Lighting connects science and practice.

Plant Lighting is specialized in the effect of climate on plant growth and development. Light intensity, photoperiod, light spectrum, CO2, temperature and humidity affect photosynthesis, flowering and plant morphology. We bring this knowledge into practice.

We do research for:

  • Greenhouse horticulture (fruit, vegetables and ornamentals)
  • City farms and vertical farms
  • Plant breeders
  • Suppliers (e.g. lighting, climate chambers, light screens)
  • Government and interest groups

An impression of our research and methods under approach

In company training:

We could also arrange ‘in company training’ to give you access to the newest innovations regarding photosynthesis and lighting.