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Our team

Sander Hogewoning PhD, director/ researcher  +31 (0)6 142 715 25
Sander is a grower’s son and has virtually been raised in a greenhouse. At Wageningen University he specialized himself in plant responses to light. During his career at university he saw that scientific knowledge often does not find its way to practice. To bridge the gap between science and practice he founded Plant Lighting in 2011.

Govert Trouwborst PhD, researcher +31 (0)6 109 900 94
Govert already worked in horticulture during childhood and that’s how his in interest in plant physiology was raised. At Wageningen University he was trained as a highly skilled photosynthesis researcher. Plant Lighting gratefully applies his knowledge.

Alex Boonman PhD, researcher +31 (0)6 198 524 81
Alex is an experienced plant physiologist (PhD Utrecht University 2005). He has a broad botanical knowledge and has specific expertise in photosynthesis and seed physiology. Alex has started his career in academics and worked for over a decade in the vegetable seed industry before he joined Plant Lighting.

Stefan van den Boogaart, MSc, researcher +31 (0)6 319 298 91
After a succesful internship at Plant Lighting, Stefan graduated for his MSc study ‘Plant Sciences’ at Wageningen University. Beside his plant physiological background Stefan is also experienced with the applied aspects of greenhouse horticulture:  Previously he acquired a bachelor’s degree at the HAS University of Applied sciences in Den Bosch. Also he has worked for many years at a tomato nursery. This background fits very well in his current function as researcher.

Andre Krause MSc, researcher +31 (0)30 7512069
After the biology studies at the University of Düsseldorf with a focus on molecular plant science, Andre finished a masters in Crop Science at the University of Bonn with a major in Sensor Based Production and Technology. With a strong scientific background and much practical research on photosynthesis, he aims to quantify plant growth and put results into modeling approaches.

Esther Noordhoek, internshipper
Esther has nearly completed her MSc. study Agrotechnology at Wageningen University. She’s doing her internship at Plant Lighting now, studying the effect of light on flowering and development of strawberry plants. After her internship she will start as a research assistant at Plant Lighting.

Ir. Marius Bongers (MSc.), researcher +31 (0)6 521 195 00
Marius graduated for his MSc study ‘Plant Sciences’ at Wageningen University. After a successful internship at Plant Lighting on the effect of light spectrum on flowering of Gerbera, he joined the Plant Lighting research team.